Josh Planos

Josh Planos


Josh Planos [--Content Producer & Storyteller--]


I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I majored in Advertising and minored in English and Communication Studies. 



As a member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Speech and Debate program, I won the first ever B1G Championship for the university and am now a 7x B1G Champion in Public Speaking, and a National Champion. As President of the team, I coordinated and encouraged teammates' events, as well as produced my own individual pieces in a variety of speaking styles (persuasive, dramatic, informative, etc.). My goal with my events was to facilitate discourse through an activist lens. With 8 years of experience in public speaking and formal speech writing, I've provided advocacy on a plethora of matters, which I believe places me in a unique situation regarding job opportunities. Public speaking has given me a voice, a means of highlighting issues that are important on a domestic and foreign scale, and is a prime way to inspire high school students to speak up. Each event produced is a conglomeration of perspectives and discourse, grounded on subsequent research and development, with countless hours of practice, analysis, and refinement, providing its backbone. These traits are applicable in a variety of fields, most notably, journalism.







My academic profile consists of classes that allowed me to refine my approach toward investigative journalism. Instructors of these courses instilled me with a prowess for rationale, ethics, and journalism's impact on modern-day society. My education has helped me create a mantra predicated on helping raise society's consciousness through educated reporting and analysis.











My employment experience and internships have helped me understand journalism as a whole. These internships dealt predominantly with social media, marketing, public relations, advertising, statistical analysis, and investigative journalism. These positions have required me to excel in HTML coding, balance and manage multiple projects efficiently, conceptualize and implement innovative business models, and develop proficient analytical skills. All of these experiences have shaped how the transmission of journalistic components creates a larger message, an enhanced effect on the reader – integral components I strive to develop into proficiencies.


I would relish an opportunity to bring these skills to the challenging projects of your company.